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Cognitive Twins

Intelligent digital twins, based in first principle physics, to dynamically visualize risks and inefficiencies.

Cognitive Twins & Analysis

Cognitive Analysis

Intelligent analysis layer to compare actual data versus evergreen physics models, further enhanced with cross-modal intelligence to provide prescriptive insights, aimed at continuously improving the current conditions in the well.

Cognitive Twins & Analysis
Torque & Drag

Torque & Drag

Drilling, tripping, reaming, washing, casing, and completions models orchestrated from plan and actual data automatically.

In real-time, utilize cutting-edge technology blending AI and physics to model your current operations. With multiple operational modes, automated analysis and interpretation, and historical comparison, Xecta’s unique cognitive twins allow you to connect to your drilling assets like never before.


Standpipe pressure, velocity, ECD, and swab/surge models orchestrated from the plan and actual data automatically.


Hole Cleaning

Hole Cleaing

Rig-state-based, intelligent segmentation to model and analyze transient cuttings loading and transport across the wellbore.

Drilling Disfunctions

Drilling Dysfunctions

Automatically detect and predict common bit and drillstring to rock dysfunctions through surface models calibrated with downhole data.