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Every well matters. We develop Insights to optimize high investment offshore wells.

There is no room for error in offshore production. We deliver focused closed-loop well and reservoir management solutions for highly capital-intensive offshore projects.  

Insights at the Enterprise Level

Manage the full production system through proactive surveillance and automated analysis.

Insights at the Enterprise Level

Our models dynamically adjust to pressure-aware, complex surface constraints, allowing you to:

  • Ensure continuous optimization to improve production and reservoir recovery.
  • Find CAPEX-free barrels while honoring reservoir depletion and facility constraints.
  • Account for situations that demand well level flux and drawdown control.
  • Determine reservoir management strategies to balance compaction, near-well sand migration in unconsolidated formations, aquifer drive, and complex fluid behavior effects.

Insights at the
Well Level

Evaluate well performance to make enhancements across all offshore assets simultaneously.

Insights at the Well Level

We provide realistic recommendations you can trust, including the ability to:

  • Identify early warnings from our real-time data.
  • Reduce deferment and loss through early detection of well deliverability issues.
  • Improve well management and production forecasts.


We amplify detection of well intervention and remediation tasks for proactive analysis.

Insights at the Operational Level

We give clients the ability to manage and scale operations with:

  • Determination of optimal use of available flow routing configurations.
  • Evaluation of long-term reservoir depletion guidelines along with uptime planning.
  • Ability to attain more reliable businessplanning forecasting outcomes in annual or monthly cycles.