Technology developed for enterprise cognitive twins.

At Xecta, we are reimagining digital twins to create cognitive twin models.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, cognitive twins learn and reason over time giving companies more powerful Insights to solve problems at scale.

Cognitive Twins

At its core, our technology starts with real time data acquired at the wellhead and collected across assets. We leverage this pressure-aware information to feed models and create scenarios based on specific analysis. 

Real-Time Data

Armed with real data, our technology identifies operational deficiencies causing ineffective workflows and reduced returns. Pinpointing the problems allow us to maximize our ability to solve complex optimization issues at every touchpoint in the asset chain.

Machine Learning

Fusing AI and physics, we build cognitive twins to monitor and surveil in real time. Cognitive twins can model complex what-if scenarios learning from historical behavior simulating outcomes for the future, solving complex engineering problems. These self-learning hybrid engines are advanced solvers optimizing 100's or 1000's of assets simultaneously.

Hybrid of AI and Physics