Well Performance Analysis

Capture the dynamic nature of unconventional reservoirs to improve well optimization and comparison

A digital twin for every well

Scale reservoir characterization and bottom hole pressure (BHP) calculations to aid analysis and feed engineering workflows

Machine learning and reservoir engineering fundamentals allow direct well-to-well comparison to inform operational decisions such as complete design and drawdown strategy. Combine this with an accurate BHP calculation to understand well performance and improve forecasting. Automatically scales to the entire field and accounts for current operating conditions.


BHP within 5% of gauge accuracy

  • Eliminate cost of running downhole gauges
  • Remove hassle of maintaining a growing number of well models
  • Connect to other workflows for low effort integration

Transient IPR

  • Accurately model well performance
  • Predict well response to operational changes for production optimization

Comparable Well Metrics

  • Intuitive metrics like drainage volume and productivity index
  • Compare wells regardless of history to determine optimal completion and choke strategy

14% more accurate early-time forecasts than Decline Curve Analysis (DCA)

  • Incorporate reservoir performance and operating conditions into forecasting for improved accuracy