We’re a team of scientists, engineers, innovators and more, committed to solving complex challenges by fusing advanced AI and physics.

We believe that immersive technologies can contribute to the improvement of humanity.


Our story

Intelligence is the backbone of Xecta. We power our Insights with our expertise and creativity which are at the forefront of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing to develop cutting-edge models. With ever-adapting R&D in an increasingly complex technological landscape combined with a strong team of engineers, scientists, and innovators, we are able to solve complex problems at scale and maximize returns for our clients

Where we began

The world has transformed since this team started working together in 2014. With the dramatic advancement in technology, we have built our models and grown our Insights utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to pave the way systems think and respond. We assemble new ideas and continual advancements across disciplines of technology, engineering, mathematics, and computer science to bring our clients the best solution for their assets.