Insights driving innovation

to optimize field production

That blend AI and physics

to optimize field production

for the energy industry

what we do

Xecta combines technology expertise with transformative solutions to deliver commercial impact.


• Generate actionable daily insights to enhance production

• Deliver automated engineering workflows via web apps to you

• Perform R&D to continuously evolve our patented algorithms


Xecta provides Insights across the energy sector, at scale. See what Xecta can do for your enterprise.


Disrupting Decision Making

We utilize advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology resulting in Insights enhancing how companies make decisions to manage their assets.

Insights to Reach Maximum Potential

We provide companies with timely, automated, customized and ranked Insights for every well, facility and asset in the field, from natural flow to abandonment.

From Cutting-Edge Evolving Models

Our Insights harness the power of proven models derived from smart, state-of-the-art technology to determine custom, ever-evolving analysis, ultimately maximizing economic potential.